The Montessori Difference

Education for Human Flourishing

At Rhyme and Reason Academy, we ignite lifelong learning and foster independence through our authentic Montessori education. Here, your child is not just another student; she is a unique individual embarking on a journey of self-creation. Our curated educational environment, designed to meet children’s developmental needs and interests, ensures she flourishes academically, socially, and emotionally. Join us, and watch your child transform into a confident, joyful, and avid learner, prepared to make her mark on the world.

Our Programs

Our programs feature an authentic and timely implementation of The Montessori Method, offering a lifetime of gifts to your child. In the Montessori classroom, your child has the opportunity to explore who he is and to explore his world. He’ll be given the time and space he needs to learn how he learns best, learn to work with others, and discover and pursue his passions. Each of our programs — primary and elementary — is specially tuned to the developmental needs of children of that age.


Ages 3-6: Help me do it myself!

Our all-new Montessori Primary classroom will open this fall for the 2024-2025 school year.

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Montessori Timeline of Life Activities


Ages 6-12: Help me think for myself!

Our elementary program aims to educate the whole child. Our classroom supports both academic excellence and social development; there is the freedom to explore and responsibility for work; and our goal is to prepare the child to succeed in life, no matter what path he chooses to follow.

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Craft a Foundation for Lifelong Learning

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The Montessori Method

What Makes Montessori Different?

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Guiding Principles

Education for Life

The purpose of education is to prepare each child for a fulfilling and good life.

The core philosophy at Rhyme and Reason Academy is that what you learn in school should provide a practical foundation for building a flourishing life.

Academic Excellence

Through individual lessons with the teacher and their own independent work, children acquire a deep understanding of each subject over many years that goes beyond shallowly memorizing facts for an upcoming test. 

Each area of the curriculum is supported by scientifically designed learning materials that appeal to the child’s interests and abilities. These materials develop the continuous practice of independent thought, a critical life skill that she keeps for her entire life.

Freedom with Responsibility

The Montessori Elementary classroom gives children meaningful autonomy over their work, and with this freedom comes responsibility. 

Neither left adrift to have “all day recess,” nor micromanaged by adults and school bells, Children are taught to organize and manage their time, tasks, and records. This balanced approach cultivates self-discipline and time management skills essential for lifelong success.

Love of Learning

Our goal is to cultivate avid, joyful, independent learners, by supporting a child’s natural curiosity and motivation to learn.

Children are given the space to make mistakes and learn from them, without fear. This encourages children to experiment and find answers to all of those “Why?” questions they keep asking.