Authentic Montessori education on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Read below to see the progress made for our all new school and what’s left to do before fall 2023.

The Prepared Environment

Dr. Maria Montessori created specific environments that support the children in their natural development from birth to adulthood. She continually revised these environments using observation and the scientific method, until she found optimal guidelines for their composition.

At Rhyme and Reason Academy, we are committed to implementing authentic Montessori education and conform to these original guidelines.

  • Purchase and create necessary Montessori Elementary Materials
  • Get building permits from the county.
  • Build the new school building.
  • Prepare the environment. Set up the classroom.
  • Acquire Certificate of Occupancy from Accomack County


Completed by Summer 2023


New Church, Virginia

Enroll Students

To educate and nurture young children is the reason Rhyme and Reason Academy exists. We are here for one purpose only: to serve the children.

Beyond the high academic standards the Montessori Method is known for, there is an equally important focus on the less quantifiable qualities of mind and spirit that conventional education has discarded: independence, integrity, honesty, perseverance, and happiness.


Enrollment is now open for the 2023 – 2024 school year. Please reach out to learn more!

The Prepared Adults

In addition to the scientifically prepared environment, children need a teacher who understands their unique, individual needs. Only through a genuine relationship with the child and intensive specialized training can the teacher connect the student with the Montessori materials and activities.


Now interviewing. Interested candidates, please reach out.

Class Begins

First day of school: 14 August 2023

Starting A Montessori School: Part 3
Starting a Montessori School

Starting A Montessori School: Part 3

Building the School We finally have “permission” to start building: We got our septic, well, and building permits. It took three months to get all of the permission slips. We needed to resubmit three times, nothing was actually changed from our initial submission, we just added more comments each time describing what the blueprints already…

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