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Emily Counts

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Montessori Schools are often one room schoolhouses, with one teacher for each age group who teaches all subjects, at Rhyme and Reason Academy, that teacher is me, Emily Counts!

I am an Air Force Veteran and I have a Bachelors of Science in Space Science from American Military University. I first came to the Eastern Shore to work at Wallops Island, thinking that the space industry was my calling. But after a few years of study and internships, I found I was not the kind of person that wanted to spend my life learning one or two things new to the world, but rather the type that wanted to constantly learn new things to me and share those things with others.

While in college, I started teaching and, without knowing anything about Montessori, was hired at a small Montessori high school to teach coding. I instantly fell in love- the classroom I taught in was full of bright students who loved learning and challenging problems, who were eager and joyful- I simply had to find out what this crazy school was all about.

After two years of intensive study, I earned my MACTE certification for Montessori Upper and Lower Elementary from The Prepared Montessorian Institute. I love teaching young folks and I believe Montessori education is the best method for developing intelligent, hardworking, and happy children.

If you’re someone who lives on the Eastern Shore, you know there aren’t any existing Montessori schools, which is why I’m founding Rhyme and Reason Academy, so that I can do what I love in the place that I love.

Author of The Rhyme and Reason Reading Program.

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