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    I have a personal library of over 1000 books- not including all of the books I purchased for the classroom. To support this addiction, I buy nearly all of my books used, and I buy them at ThriftBooks. The books start at $4, shipping is free over $10, and you earn rewards points at a fairly generous pace which you can redeem for free books.

    ThriftBooks has a “Tell-A-Friend” program, where if you use this link we both get a free book if…

    1. You create a new account
    2. You spend $30

    After you’ve created your account, ThriftBooks also offers a special rewards program for teachers where you earn free books at a faster rate!

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    I purchased my entire set of classroom materials from Adena Montessori with my own savings. When the time comes, I will purchase my primary classroom materials from them as well. Throughout my website and social media, all of the photographed materials are from Adena Montessori.

    I was really blown away with the quality and I wholeheartedly recommend this manufacturer. The boxes are solid birch wood with superb joinery, unlike most other ‘budget’ suppliers who use pine plywood and butt joints. The materials are accurate and precise, and I used them while I completed my Montessori training as well as with students. Most importantly, the materials are durable and beautiful. Montessori classrooms are meant to have materials that are used year after year, for decades. They must last through the wear and tear of being used by young children. I have only had a few years to use these materials, but I wholeheartedly believe that the craftsmanship will hold up. If it doesn’t, I’ll let you know.

    I ordered my materials factory direct and talked to Linda. Shipping on the boat took a while, but I saved a boat-load in shipping costs. If you decide to purchase a classroom set mention me, Emily Counts from Rhyme and Reason Academy. You’ll get 1% off your order, and I’ll receive a 1% commission.