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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Unfortunately not. All of our educational instruction takes place in-person at our school location.

    I unfortunately lack the right qualifications and direct knowledge of available curriculums to provide the best recommendations for your needs, sorry! I haven’t homeschooled, and I have very limited experience with children under the age of six. My son is very young and all of my professional/Montessori experience is elementary and older. I haven’t used purchasable curriculums, I only have my formal Montessori training.

    My program was intentionally designed as a remedial Montessori reading program for the elementary children I work with.

    Because my program is a direct descendent of the original Montessori Method of Reading instruction, the theory and principles are the same for both age groups.

    What possibly makes my program unsuitable is that I do not include lesson scripts for the many indirect preparations that primary age children usually get in the classroom such as the use of Sandpaper Letters and Metal Insets.

    If those are materials that you feel comfortable with, then you would be able to easily adapt the lessons to work with younger children. You could use the same scope and sequence, and would be able to use all of the same materials.