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  • Montessori nursery rhymes

    Nursery Rhymes


    These Nursery Rhyme Cards introduce toddlers to 10 classic rhymes that aid language and literacy development- also, they’re just plain fun!

    Working with these cards builds critical pre-reading skills like phonemic awareness, listening skills, and an ear for language patterns and intonation. Created especially for toddler-aged children, these handy cards are meant to be used with a teacher or parent. With rhymes like Jack and Jill, Hot Cross Buns, and Lavender Blue, this set engages toddlers in the joy of rhyme while preparing them for future reading success.

  • Montessori toddler language cards ground vehicles

    Ground Vehicle Toddler Cards


    My toddler son has a fascination with all types of wheeled vehicles—but his vocabulary doesn’t extend far beyond the word “car” to identify all things on wheels! I created these language cards to introduce more precise terminology for the many vehicles that catch his eye. I picked the vehicles based on what drives by our house on a daily basis. My hope is that by putting a name and image to these machines that bring him so much joy, his language will grow.