Our approach to science encourages children to ask and answer questions, building an integrated body of knowledge and making connections.

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  • Montessori History and Big History Project Timeline Notebook

    Timeline Notebook


    Students map 14 billion years of history from the Big Bang to today with this hands-on printable blank timeline. Our open-ended notebook integrates flexibly with any curriculum, including The Big History Project and the Montessori Great Lessons, for an engaging way to build timelines and visualize expanding knowledge. Spans cosmic, geological, evolutionary, and human history.

  • Montessori Who Am I planet cards

    Who Am I? Planets


    A fun follow-up work for studying the planets of our solar system. A game that can be played independently or with a classmate!

  • Montessori solar system cards

    Planet Research Cards


    Start simple, then go deep! This card set caters to both lower and upper elementary students, offering basic information on the front and expanding into more complex topics on the back.

  • Montessori grammar symbolizing volcanoes

    Volcanoes – Grammar Symbolizing


    This follow-up work about volcanoes was requested by my students to continue learning more on the topic.

  • Sun and Earth – Scrambled Sentences


    This is an excellent writing follow-up work for beginning writers.

  • DIY Tellurium – Sun and Earth Model


    Turn any globe into a tellurium model. Use this model with all of your Sun and Earth lessons.

  • Sun and Earth Sentence Fragments

    Sun and Earth – Sentence Fragments


    Used to teach students how to recognize and correct sentence fragments in their own writing. This is an excellent writing follow-up work for beginning writers.

  • Montessori Timeline of Life Activities

    Timeline of Life Activity Cards


    Enrich Your Child’s Understanding of the History of Life with Montessori Timeline of Life Activity Cards

    This set of 40 command cards feature hand-drawn illustrations from the Timeline of Life and provides interesting activities for students to explore the Timeline.


  • Sun and Earth Sentence Analysis


    Upper Elementary sentence analysis command cards all about space! These cards are quite challenging, but answers are included on the back of every card.

  • Montessori Timeline of Life and Long Black Strip

    Vinyl DIY Long Black Strip


    The Montessori Long Black Strip is a powerful tool for teaching children about the vastness of time and our place in the universe. It is a long, black strip of vinyl that is unrolled on the floor of the classroom. The strip represents the 4.6 billion years of Earth’s history. The teacher will point out the different eras of Earth’s history, such as the time when the Earth’s surface was magma, when the Earth began to cool, and when different creatures came to prominence (like the dinosaurs!). At the very end, the teacher will also point out the time when humans first appeared on Earth.

    The Long Black Strip is a valuable resource for Montessori elementary teachers who want to help their children develop a deep understanding of the history of the Earth.

    This is a semi-DIY project, see the blog post on how to make this material before purchasing!

  • Montessori Clock of Eras

    Clock of Eons


    What if all of Earth’s history fit into a 12 hour clock? This lesson is designed to give a non-linear impression of the developmental processes of the Earth and the coming of human beings.

    This lesson pairs with the Timeline of Life, and the Long Black Strip.

  • Geologic Time Cards


    Montessori geologic time cards are a fun and educational tool that will help children learn about the history of the Earth in an engaging and interactive way.

    This set of cards features a hand drawn illustration of the Earth during each geologic time period, from the formation of the planet to the appearance of humans. Each card represents a different period of time, and includes information about the geological and environmental changes that occurred during that period.

    These cards are designed to be used in a variety of ways, allowing children to learn and explore at their own pace. They can be used as a matching game, where children match the card to the correct time period on a timeline. They can also be used as a memory game, where children try to remember the order of the events on the cards.

  • Vinyl Printed Timeline of Life – Mute Chart


    This Montessori Timeline of Life is a great way to introduce your child to the history of life on Earth. Featuring handpainted illustrations of key events and creatures, this timeline will help your child understand the history of our planet in an engaging and educational way. The timeline is printed on high quality vinyl, making it durable and longlasting. The timeline includes a range of different species and events, so your child can explore the history of life on Earth from the earliest singlecelled creatures to the modern world. 

    This listing is for the physical mute chart, printed on high quality vinyl. With this listing, you will automatically get the printable files to print and cut the creature decals yourself.

  • Physical Science Experiments


    These presentations form the basis of children’s understanding of physical sciences and the beginning of their study of chemistry. The lessons involve observation of the behavior of particles when they come into contact with each other. To give scaffolding to this understanding, tie back to the First Great Lesson whenever possible.

    I wrote a blog post for tips on setting up your science experiment shelves here.

  • Vinyl Printed Timeline of Life – Control Chart


    In the Second Great Lesson, the Coming of Life, the story of how life began and evolved is introduced to children. The lesson is accompanied by the Timeline of Life which is then available to the children as a reference material for reflection, research and hands on work. I have spent months remaking this iconic…

  • Montessori Science Parts of a Mushroom

    Parts of a Mushroom


    Mushroom hunting is one of my favorite things to do with my students- mycology is such a rich field of study! Like with botany, the students get a lot more out of the field work if they understand the terminology.

  • Mute timeline of life with decals Montessori second great lesson

    Mute Timeline of Life – Montessori Second Great Lesson


    This Timeline of Life has been completely redesigned to match with our current understanding of  evolution. The red lines represent a simplified phylogenic layout, that is accessible to lower elementary children and exciting for upper elementary children. For a full description of the changes, read the blog post!

    The timeline covers the Precambrian to modern day and features 78 hand drawn creatures, all five mass extinctions, early mammal lineage and much more that is absent from Maria Montessori’s original timeline.

    This listing is for the mute timeline of life only. See the control timeline here.

  • Montessori botany experiments

    Botany Experiments


    Montessori Botany Command Cards for the biology chapters of work. The cards are organized by botany chapter, so when you are working on leaf lessons, you can easily pull out the leaf experiments! The experiments are based on Dr. Montessori’s original botany experiments, but have been updated or removed where needed. I have added some wholly new experiments as well that will fit seamlessly into your established botany curriculum. Names of the traditional experiments have been rephrased from their original titles into hypothesis questions.

    I wrote a blog post for tips on setting up your science experiment shelves here.