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  • Montessori Clock of Eras

    Clock of Eons


    What if all of Earth’s history fit into a 12 hour clock? This lesson is designed to give a non-linear impression of the developmental processes of the Earth and the coming of human beings.

    This lesson pairs with the Timeline of Life, and the Long Black Strip.

  • Geologic Time Cards


    Montessori geologic time cards are a fun and educational tool that will help children learn about the history of the Earth in an engaging and interactive way.

    This set of cards features a hand drawn illustration of the Earth during each geologic time period, from the formation of the planet to the appearance of humans. Each card represents a different period of time, and includes information about the geological and environmental changes that occurred during that period.

    These cards are designed to be used in a variety of ways, allowing children to learn and explore at their own pace. They can be used as a matching game, where children match the card to the correct time period on a timeline. They can also be used as a memory game, where children try to remember the order of the events on the cards.

  • Physical Science Experiments


    These presentations form the basis of children’s understanding of physical sciences and the beginning of their study of chemistry. The lessons involve observation of the behavior of particles when they come into contact with each other. To give scaffolding to this understanding, tie back to the First Great Lesson whenever possible.

    I wrote a blog post for tips on setting up your science experiment shelves here.

  • Montessori First Great Lesson Charts

    First Great Lesson Charts


    Printable the First Great Lesson. This digital download includes all of the charts you need to teach the Montessori First Great Lesson.

    On the blog, there is a complete script for teaching the First Great Lesson– check it out!

  • Montessori Geography Charts

    Geography Charts


    Montessori geography charts for the Composition of the Earth chapter of work.

  • Sun and Earth Charts


    Montessori geography charts for the Sun and Earth chapter of work.