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  • Montessori Fourth Great Lesson Charts

    Fourth Great Lesson Charts


    Fully updated and redrawn, I hope you love these new Fourth Great Lesson Charts!

  • Montessori history maps

    Maps of the Ancient World


    Here is a small set of maps to support your ancient civilizations studies.

    Bonus: Timeline ribbons to add to any blank timeline.

  • Montessori Third Great Lesson Posters

    Human Development Posters


    These posters are a set of all-new supplementary charts that explain some of the driving forces in human evolution. These are not traditional Montessori elementary lessons, but I felt they helped bridge the conceptual gap between the Second and Third Great Lessons.

  • Montessori fifth great lesson charts

    Fifth Great Lesson Charts


    Printable the Fifth Great Lesson. This digital download includes all of the charts you need to teach the Montessori Fifth Great Lesson.

  • Montessori Fundamental needs chart

    The New Fundamental Needs Chart


    The Montessori Fundamental Needs Chart is a beautiful and informative tool that can be used to teach children about the fundamental needs of humans.

    The purpose of this lesson is to introduce the idea that all humans throughout space and time, have had the same material and spiritual needs. It provides a universal framework for thinking about other people, no matter how different they may seem to us.

    This New Fundamental Needs Chart includes an extra dimension of culture that will help tie the fundamental needs of humans into all other areas of the history curriculum and provide a robust foundation for integrating all of the Montessori cultural lessons. Please read this blog post to learn more.

  • Montessori History Question Charts

    History Question Charts


    The Question Charts provide a foundation for the historical presentation and the stories given by the teacher, and a guide for the child’s own research and exploration. They provide a guide for research on any group of people living at any time in history. This material is a link from the work with the timelines, to the more abstract work of completely independent research and discussion sessions. The charts direct research, discussion and thought until they are no longer needed.

  • Montessori Clock of Eras

    Clock of Eons


    What if all of Earth’s history fit into a 12 hour clock? This lesson is designed to give a non-linear impression of the developmental processes of the Earth and the coming of human beings.

    This lesson pairs with the Timeline of Life, and the Long Black Strip.

  • Montessori Pronoun Charts

    Pronoun Charts


    Printable Montessori Grammar Charts for explaining singular and plural first person, second person, and third person pronouns.

    New: Bonus charts for delving deeper into personal and impersonal pronouns

  • Montessori First Great Lesson Charts

    First Great Lesson Charts


    Printable the First Great Lesson. This digital download includes all of the charts you need to teach the Montessori First Great Lesson.

    On the blog, there is a complete script for teaching the First Great Lesson– check it out!

  • Montessori Geography Charts

    Geography Charts


    Montessori geography charts for the Composition of the Earth chapter of work.

  • Sun and Earth Charts


    Montessori geography charts for the Sun and Earth chapter of work.