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  • DIY Fabric Hand Timeline


    A 90″ fabric cloth with printed images of the invention of hand tools and the invention of fire. This is a semi-DIY project, as you will need to sew the red line at the end to complete it. The red line is meant to represent the invention of writing. It provides children with a concrete visual of how short recorded human history is compared to the entirety of human existence.

    You will receive a black piece of fabric with two white images printed on the front. Because I was embroidering the red line, I decided to embroider the images on my personal hand timeline too, the timeline that will be shipped to you is not embroidered.

  • Neoprene Non-Decimal Bases Mat


    In the Upper Elementary math curriculum, children have the opportunity to  practice with arithmetic in non-decimal bases, such as binary and hexademical. Though not a necessary mathematical skill for everyone, the ability to think flexibly and creatively about numbers is superb training for out-of-the box thinking. .: 4 mm thick neoprene so that beads won’t…

  • Montessori Timeline of Humans, Third Great Lesson Materials

    Vinyl Printed Timeline of Humans


    This beautifully illustrated timeline provides a comprehensive overview of the development of human culture from our earliest ancestors to the present day. It depicts great cultural achievements like the invention of fire, the domestication of wolves, and the moon landing. The timeline covers 5 million years of human history and is divided into four sections with different timescales.

  • Montessori Timeline of Life and Long Black Strip

    Vinyl DIY Long Black Strip


    The Montessori Long Black Strip is a powerful tool for teaching children about the vastness of time and our place in the universe. It is a long, black strip of vinyl that is unrolled on the floor of the classroom. The strip represents the 4.6 billion years of Earth’s history. The teacher will point out the different eras of Earth’s history, such as the time when the Earth’s surface was magma, when the Earth began to cool, and when different creatures came to prominence (like the dinosaurs!). At the very end, the teacher will also point out the time when humans first appeared on Earth.

    The Long Black Strip is a valuable resource for Montessori elementary teachers who want to help their children develop a deep understanding of the history of the Earth.

    This is a semi-DIY project, see the blog post on how to make this material before purchasing!

  • Vinyl Blank History Timeline


    This blank history timeline is the perfect tool for any budding historian! With plenty of room to add and arrange your own special events, this timeline allows you to visualize the past in a logical and useful way. Whether you want to track the progression of important world events, document the history of a specific…

  • Cloth Decanomial Mat


    The decanomial is Big Work that takes a lot of time and focus to complete properly. The completed layout is bigger than the average work rug or table, so that means the work will happen directly on the floor- not ideal. This mat will help support the child by defining the space that they need.

  • Vinyl Printed Timeline of Life – Mute Chart


    This Montessori Timeline of Life is a great way to introduce your child to the history of life on Earth. Featuring handpainted illustrations of key events and creatures, this timeline will help your child understand the history of our planet in an engaging and educational way. The timeline is printed on high quality vinyl, making it durable and longlasting. The timeline includes a range of different species and events, so your child can explore the history of life on Earth from the earliest singlecelled creatures to the modern world. 

    This listing is for the physical mute chart, printed on high quality vinyl. With this listing, you will automatically get the printable files to print and cut the creature decals yourself.

  • Neoprene Montessori Yellow Board


    Used for the Decimal Fraction chapters of work. Children practice arithmetic with numbers up to 1,000,000 (millions) and as small as 0.000001 (millionths).


  • Vinyl Printed Timeline of Life – Control Chart


    In the Second Great Lesson, the Coming of Life, the story of how life began and evolved is introduced to children. The lesson is accompanied by the Timeline of Life which is then available to the children as a reference material for reflection, research and hands on work. I have spent months remaking this iconic…

  • Reading Program Mug


    This mug features the same design as The Rhyme and Reason Reading Program book cover. Find the book on Amazon.