C1-C5 Angle Study Nomenclature


Move beyond dry geometry memorization. These Montessori Geometry Nomenclature Cards foster a deep, concrete understanding of geometric vocabulary through an interactive, multi-sensory experience perfectly tailored to the way children learn best. Use them with all of your Montessori materials such as the Box of Sticks and Geometry Cabinet.

Designed for ages 6-12, each term is featured on an individual, index-card sized card with a clear image, definition, and engaging etymology to tie into word study. The hands-on cards directly align with Montessori geometry lessons, making them an ideal resource for Montessori classrooms and homeschools.

Once terms are learned, reinforce knowledge using the included control poster – a simple reference chart for children.


  • See list below for terms defined
  • 4 suggested activities for how to use these cards in the elementary classroom.
  • 3 Printable pages that list all of the terms.
  • Control Posters. These are on letter-sized paper.

The nomenclature cards are the size of index cards (3″ x 5″), this gives you a ton of options for storage and is a very manageable size for elementary students. Letter-sized pages are meant to be printed double sided.

Vocabulary Terms included:

Types of Angles C1
  • Angles
  • Size of an Angle
  • Straight Angle
  • Right Angle
  • Whole Angle
  • Acute Angle
  • Obtuse Angle
  • Reflex Angle
Parts of an Angle C2
  • Sides of an Angle
  • Vertex
Relation Between Two Angles C3
  • Adjacent Angles
  • Vertical Angles
Combinations of Angles C4
  • Complementary Angles
  • Supplementary Angles
Angles Formed by a Transversal C5
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Interior Angles
  • Exterior Angles
  • Alternate Interior Angles
  • Alternate Exterior Angles
  • Transversal
  • Corresponding Angles
  • Special Corresponding Angles


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