Days of the Week Nomenclature Cards


This material is best suited for early lower elementary students. Each card gives a brief history and etymology of where the days of the week got their names.


This material really appeals to the reasoning mind of students in the second plane of development. For example, why Β is Wednesday spelled the way it is when it’s pronounced /wensday/? These cards provide the answer to that and for all the other days of the week!

You will need to make a control booklet for the order of the days of the week, which you can do by printing the cards twice and binding them together, or you can make something from scratch.

The PDF is a compact four pages.

For the youngest students in our classes, time is a very abstract concept, and something they often struggle with. As you begin your history lessons, it is essential to ensure that they have a grasp of the passage of time. Check out the other listings I have for this chapter of work

  • Months of the Year
  • Passage of Time Bundle


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