History Question Charts


The Question Charts provide a foundation for the historical presentation and the stories given by the teacher, and a guide for the child’s own research and exploration. They provide a guide for research on any group of people living at any time in history. This material is a link from the work with the timelines, to the more abstract work of completely independent research and discussion sessions. The charts direct research, discussion and thought until they are no longer needed.


The Question charts are divided into four categories. There are eight questions on each chart. There ought to be enough space for a child to write a couple sentences in the box of the questions they want to answer.

If wanted, these questions can also be cut apart into a card (instead of keeping it on a chart). This may be useful if the student is going to write up a report and it rearranging the information would help them better organize the information to write a draft. The cutout cards would be 2.25″ x 3.5″ (playing card size).

The Nature of a Country

What was the physical environment like for these people? What challenges did nature present?

The Material Culture of a Country

What are the inventions and technologies people used to fulfill their fundamental needs?

The Social Culture of a Country

What are the complex ways that people interacted with each other?

The Philosophical Culture of a Country

What did people believe to be true, good, and beautiful?

These questions are updated and somewhat rearranged to fit into the cultural framework of the Rhyme and Reason Academy’s history curriculum. You can read more about this approach to history on the blog.


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