Paperback Timeline Notebook: 14 Billion Years Ago to Today


Students map 14 billion years of history from the Big Bang to today with this hands-on blank timeline. Our open-ended notebook integrates flexibly with any curriculum, including The Big History Project and the Montessori Great Lessons, for an engaging way to build timelines and visualize expanding knowledge. Spans cosmic, geological, evolutionary, and human history.

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This book has the same content as the printable version here.

Product Features:

  • Time spans from 14 billion years ago to present day
  • Timescale shifts as you get closer to the present day to allow for more events to be recorded. The past has dates closer together, the present has dates further apart. The top of each page notes the timescale.
  • Historical dates are are in BCE/CE
  • The pages are numbered.
  • The top of each two-page spread shows the start and end date for that spread.
  • Centuries are noted on the top of the pages from Sixth Century BCE to Twenty-First Century CE


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