The Scientific Revolution – Timeline Cards


A jumping off point for discussion and research, these cards feature a mix of major historical events, conflicts, and inventions that are important to the Scientific Revolution

These cards are meant to be placed on a blank timeline.


Includes the following 8 events:

  • 384 – 322 BCE  Aristotle
  • 1543 Copernicus
  • 1605 Francis Bacon
  • 1609 Johannes Kepler
  • 1633 Galileo
  • 1661 Robert Boyle
  • 1674 Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
  • 1687 Isaac Newton

A very brief adult-facing description of each event is included so you can gain a bit of background knowledge.

Each card features an iconic piece of art, with citations for each piece included.

Dateless cards are also included for use in three-part lesson.

Each card is 3″ x 5″- the size of a standard index card.



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