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Students map 14 billion years of history from the Big Bang to today with this hands-on printable blank timeline. Our open-ended notebook integrates flexibly with any curriculum, including The Big History Project and the Montessori Great Lessons, for an engaging way to build timelines and visualize expanding knowledge. Spans cosmic, geological, evolutionary, and human history.


The Big History Timeline Notebook is a simple tool for teaching expansive 14 billion year history to students. This printable blank timeline fits perfectly into a binder and spans from the beginning of the universe to present day.

Unlike most timelines that only cover recorded history, the Big History Timeline encompasses cosmic, geological, evolutionary and human history all on one continuous timeline.

Students actively build and fill in the timeline with events and periods as they learn. This creates an engaging way for students to visualize their growing knowledge. Seeing open blank spaces motivates students to fill in the gaps. Over the 6 year elementary cycle, children will create a personal resource that they will cherish and refer back to for years to come.

The open-ended nature of the blank timeline notebook makes it flexible to integrate with any history curriculum. It can be used seamlessly with Montessori Great Lessons, the Big History Project, or your own custom lessons.

The Big History Timeline Notebook empowers students to create their own unique long-zoom timeline while gaining a big picture perspective on 14 billion years of history.

Product Features:
  • 94 page PDF, designed to be printed double sided.
  • Time spans from 14 billion years ago to present day
  • Timescale shifts as you get closer to the present day to allow for more events to be recorded.


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