Human Development Posters


These posters are a set of all-new supplementary charts that explain some of the driving forces in human evolution. These are not traditional Montessori elementary lessons, but I felt they helped bridge the conceptual gap between the Second and Third Great Lessons.


While I was researching the Timeline of Humans I learned a lot about the factors that drove human evolution and the unique qualities of humans that brought us to where we are today. I distilled this knowledge into six simple posters. Each drilling down on a crucial driver – from bipedalism to cooperative culture. These materials should integrate cleanly with any other history materials you already have.

There is no lesson plan or script included, but I have provided four pages of teacher-facing notes that you can use to craft your own stories and lessons.

  1. Walking on Two Legs
  2. Our Hands
  3. The Brain-Tool Cycle
  4. The Cooperation Cycle
  5. Cooperation Leads to Interdependencies
  6. The Gift of Fire

Designed to be printed double-sided on letter size paper. As usual with my materials, any nude people are not “anatomically correct.”


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