The Shopping Game


Learn money math! Children take turns being the store owner and set out items for sale, another student is the shopper and buys these items, so simple and practical! Make exact change, give correct change back, shop with a budget.

This material includes a blank template for you to add unlimited items from your local business flyers.


This card set comes with:

  • 9 suggested activities that are fairly open-ended
  • 36 pre-made items for sale- from penguins to bananas and French horns to hammers
  • One blank template sheet for you to print and make your own cards from local flyers in your area.
    • You’ll definitely want your local grocery store and a hardware store.
    • Children may also want to draw their own items on this template and make a custom shop.
    • You can also build out custom shop items for any area of the curriculum you’re studying. Ancient Egyptian artifacts? Farm and garden for botany? Pet dinosaurs?

You will need play money. I chose the Melissa and Doug set entirely because it came with a wood case which I though would be attractive on the shelves:

Cards are playing card size 2.5″ x 3.5″



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