US Presidents 4-Part Cards


Each card features a simple pencil illustration alongside key facts about each U.S. president, including their name, years in office, and memorable accomplishments or events from their administration. From George Washington’s groundbreaking first presidency to the most recent commander-in-chief, this comprehensive set covers all 46 presidents to date.


The control booklet is bulky! Even with the 92 pages printed double sided, my laminated booklet is about half an inch thick. As you can see from the pictures, I bound it with two 1 inch binder rings and that seemed to work quite well.

The booklet is 5″ x 3.75″; Picture cards are 3″ x 3″; definition cards are 3″x3″; ordinal number strips are 3″x1″

In a (probably futile) attempt to make this a historical study of US Presidents and not a political one, I have omitted descriptions of presidents from Jimmy Carter onward, you will only get term dates. My major reasoning is that these men are too recent for us to really understand what their historical significance is. I also omitted political parties from the booklet to avoid some of the “team sport” that goes along with politics. The parties are included in the control chart.

Current as of January 2021, I will update again after the next election in January 2025.


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