Grammar Mats Sewing Pattern


This eight page PDF file gives the complete instructions for making your own Montessori Grammar “Boxes” to use in your homeschool environment or in your Montessori School! These mats are functionally identical to the wooden boxes and take up a fraction of the space. The quilted nature of them makes them a very attractive material that are a joy to handle and a cinch to store. I hope you love these mats!

The instructions are complete but they do assume some level of sewing experience. This pattern is suitable for adventurous beginners and up!


These Montessori grammar mats are fully compatible with my printable grammar box cards and with grammar box cards from other makers.

There are eight mats, grammar boxes 2-9, and each one introduces a new part of speech. There is no grammar box 1.

This is a listing for the pattern to sew these mats yourself. Once your transaction is complete you will be able to instantly download the PDF to your computer. No physical products will be sent to you.

  • One fat quarter each in the colors: black, orange, brown, red, purple, pink, green, yellow, blue.
  • 2 yards of background fabric. This fabric is used for the borders and for the backing.
  • If you are going to quilt, you will also need a yard of batting.

Estimated material cost: $25-$50

  • I elected to use patterned quilting cotton for some of the colors on my mats, if you decide to do this, ensure that your fabric patterns are subtle and that the text labels will be clearly readable.
  •  A note on colors: These mats do not match with the grammar symbol colors (ex. The article is a small light blue triangle, but on the mats they are orange!). This is a decision made by Dr. Montessori, she didn’t want students to rely entirely on color memory for parts of speech, she wanted students to think of the parts of speech anew. These mats match her original plans. As these are DIY plans, you could easily switch the colors to match the grammar symbols if you prefer.
  • Background fabric: Neutral colors work best such as grey or cream. I used a woven canvas fabric, but simple quilting cotton will work just as well.


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