Fourth Great Lesson Charts


Fully updated and redrawn, I hope you love these new Fourth Great Lesson Charts!


This digital download includes all of the charts you need to teach the Montessori Fourth Great Lesson.

  • Language Chart L1: Cave Painters. I have changed the painter from a man to a woman.
  • Language Chart L3: Pictographs. My version is quite different. Instead of pictographs, I have the image of wheat with a hand writing in cuneiform.
  • Language Chart L4: Hieroglyphs. The image is redrawn from an actual piece of Egyptian writing. I offer a colored background and a white background.
  • Language Chart L5: Evolution of the Alphabet. I include the first three letters and show the progression from Egyptian to Modern.
  • Language Chart L6-L9: Detailed evolution of our alphabet symbols. I combined all of these into a table on one chart.

I have omitted the following traditional chart:

  • Language Chart L2: This is the one with the bison and the tally marks below.

All New Charts! These are great for deep dives in follow-up work.

  • Types of writing systems
  • Partial Cuneiform syllabary
  • The sounds of English

Designed to be printed on 8.5″x11″ letter pages. I find this to be a convenient size for storage and for children to work with the posters independently. The charts are meant to be printed doubled sided, the chart title is on the back.

Lessons are not included in this download, only the charts.


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