Pronoun Charts


Printable Montessori Grammar Charts for explaining singular and plural first person, second person, and third person pronouns.

New: Bonus charts for delving deeper into personal and impersonal pronouns


This printable includes all six Montessori Pronoun charts, use them with Grammar Box 7 – Pronouns

  • Chart 1: I (singular first person)
  • Chart 2: I, you (singular second person)
  • Chart 3: I, you, he/she/it (singular third person)
  • Chart 4: We (plural first person)
  • Chart 5: You (plural second person)
  • Chart 6: They (plural third person)

Six Mini charts – 4×6″ cards with additional information about personal and impersonal pronouns

  • Objective pronouns
  • Subjective pronouns
  • Reflexive pronouns
  • Possessive pronouns / Possessive adjectives
  • Indefinite pronouns
  • Interrogative pronouns
  • Demonstrative pronouns

The PDF is 12 pages long and is designed to be printed front and back (the back has the label for easy sorting). For a fun effect, you could pain the gold and silver circles with metallic paint before laminating or offer that as a follow up option to your children. These charts are a convenient 8.5″ x 11″, which I think is much more manageable for children to work with, and is much simpler to print at home.

Unfortunately, a lesson plan is not included, but you only need to tell a simple narrative. Tell a story about yourself and others in the classroom emphasizing the pronoun and which “person” you are. A basic sample could be something like this:  “I am the first person. You are the second person. She is the third person. All together, We are the first person.”, and so on. After that, students can then write stories for their follow up using the new language and terms.

Based on the materials developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in The Montessori Elementary Material. There are no other charts in this series. Original art made by Emily Counts.


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