Handwriting Practice – Astronomers


A set of cards to practice handwriting, the front of each card is in cursive and the back is in print. There are a lot of names on these cards which will give your students some extra practice with capital letters.


This is copywork, so no background knowledge is required, but hopefully some interest will be sparked!

  • A title card with the etymology for “Astronomer”
  • Fifteen cards each with a fact about a different famous astronomer
    • The front of the card is in cursive, the back of the card is in print.

An 8 page PDF that is meant to be printed double-sided with short-edge binding.

Each card is 3″ x 5″- the size of a standard index card. I store all of my index card sized materials in these plastic envelopes: https://amzn.to/42gMmwi


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