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Working from Red 1 through Green 8, there are 32 Games with two bingo boards each, giving you 64 bingo boards total (plus all the call cards). This game is designed for primary age children but would be enjoyed by young lower elementary children as well. The materials match the scope and sequence of the Rhyme and Reason Reading Program covering all of the Basic Code, but should be compatible with most linguistic phonics programs.

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Give this work sometime after the sound/letter introduction with the Sandpaper Letters, before the child would begin spelling (writing) with the Moveable Alphabet.

Basic Gameplay:
  • This game should be played by 2-3 children.
  • Each player takes a bingo card.
  • Each player puts a token on the center free space.
  • Call cards are shuffled and then placed in the middle.
  • Children take turns drawing call cards, saying the sound aloud (Not Letter Names!)
  • Players then cover the correct spelling for the sound on their bingo card.
  • Children continue playing until one or both bingo cards are completely covered.
  • Say “Bingo!”
Sizes and Storage:
  • Bingo cards are 5″ x 6″ so a 6″x6″ CD case would work, or these 5″ x 7″ plastic velcro envelopes that I use:
  • Bingo call cards are 1.75″ x 1.75″ with colored borders. The back of the cards are labelled for easy sorting.
  • You will need to make or buy your own cover tokens. I made mine from scrap after making the Art Appreciation folders.

1 review for Phonics Bingo

  1. Ashton

    I bought this for my 5-year-old daughter, and she loves it. It’s really helped her with letter sounds.

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