Initial Sounds – Picture Sort and Object Sort


Three pictures per sound-spelling correspondence, giving you 117 photos for sorting! Designed for the Primary classroom, but can also be integrated with all the other reading materials in the shop.


The back of each card features:

  • The target phoneme and word
  • Labels for organizing with the other reading program materials
  • 39 Sound-Spelling correspondences
    • Sounds from the full program omitted: /OO/ as in “zoo”; /the/ as in “bathe”
    • Spelling alternatives for /k/ taught: K, C, CK
    • Some sounds are never present in the initial position (like /ng/) so cannot be initial sounds.
  • See the full scope and sequence here.
  • Cursive font only.
  • Object sort printable is only for laying out your own objects. No physical objects are for sale here.

This card set can be used with any linguistic phonics reading program, including the original Montessori Method of reading. These cards are smaller than the other reading program card materials at 2.25″” x 2.25″

Photos are commercially licensed (and not AI generated!).



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