Paperback Rhyme and Reason Reading Program Book


The most important skill you will ever teach. The Rhyme and Reason Reading Program is a comprehensive and complete reading program, designed to bring the science of reading to your Montessori classroom.

The physical book is printed and sold through Amazon only. Find the eBook here.

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In this book you will get:

  • Evidence-based practices explained in plain English. This will help you understand the how and why of the program.
  • Phonemic awareness lessons to practice segmenting and blending.
  • Phonics lessons to read words up to three syllables long.
  • History of English lessons to explain our “crazy English” spelling system.
  • Inventories of all of the card materials.
  • Detailed notes for each phoneme of the English language.

Bringing the science of reading into your classroom doesn’t have to be complicated. The Rhyme and Reason Reading Program uses four basic steps:

  1. Phonemic Awareness. The ability to hear and manipulate sounds in words is the number one predictor of reading ability. In this program children learn to blend, segment, and manipulate the sounds in words.
  2. Connect Sounds to Letters. The 40+ sounds of English are connected to the letters of the alphabet. Students are then able to phonetically spell words.
  3. Write a Word. Once the student knows how the sounds of English are connected to the alphabet letters, he or she can phonetically write any word. Instruction moves systematically from simple to complex as the student learns more patterns of the English writing system.
  4. Read a Word. Reading and writing are integrated at every level. By practicing these skills simultaneously, the student is able to learn using kinesthetic, auditory, and visual memory to really learn how language connects to print.

This book contains all of the lessons you need to teach the program, but you will need to purchase the materials separately at

Bring the science of reading to your class today!


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