The Rhyme and Reason Reading Program – eBook Only


Reading is the most important skill you’ll ever teach your students, and that’s kind of intimidating right?

Let me help you. The Rhyme and Reason Reading Program is a complete evidence-based reading program that you can use in your Montessori elementary classroom.



eBook only, materials sold separately or in the bundle.

The Guidebook:
  • Every lesson you need is provided and scripted out. No guesswork. There are “adult-facing” notes for you to understand the material deeply, and “student-facing” notes to explain the concepts simply.
  • There are 20 lessons which include phonemic awareness training, how to use the materials, history lessons, and spelling patterns of English. Follow up suggestions are provided for each lesson so you can provide meaningful practice for your students.
  • There are historical lessons that help integrate the curriculum into The Fourth Great Lesson, and give a reason for some of the weirdness about English spelling.
  • The scope and sequence is written out clearly, so you’ll always know what to do next. (Also the materials are numbered and color coded, so just keep chugging along the rainbow and you’ll do fine.)
  • I hate doing things without knowing why. I’ve included explanations for every component of the program.
  • The program is based on the science of reading, but I made sure to leave out the jargon. I explain what research shows to be the best practices in plain English.
  • Authentically Montessori. I went back to Maria Montessori’s original writings about her Italian reading program (the one that brought her international acclaim), and demonstrate how The Rhyme and Reason Reading Program aligns with the Montessori method.
  • Spelling is integrated at every level. You do not need a separate spelling program.
  • The 300 page PDF book will be instantly delivered to you at checkout!
  • Diagnostic tests so you know where to start your students in the program. No guesswork.
  • Digital materials get free updates for life.
  • Suggested reading for the adult to learn more about the science of reading.
  • Suggestions for organizing the materials in your classroom.
  • Decodable reader book recommendations.
  • Printable PDF downloads of all the charts in the book including the scope and sequence and spelling pattern frequencies.

This listing is only for the eBook, if you’re looking for a physical copy of The Rhyme and Reason Reading Program book, hop on over to Amazon.

This program is Open Source. Reach out to me through the contact form if you make Montessori materials and you want to make materials that will work with the Rhyme and Reason Reading Program.


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