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Reading is the most important skill you’ll ever teach your students, and that’s kind of intimidating right?

Let me help you. The Rhyme and Reason Reading Program is a complete evidence-based reading program that you can use in your Montessori elementary classroom.

This listing only contains the pdf files for the materials. Buy the hardcopy of the book on Amazon.


Material Digital Files Only.

To fully use the reading program, you will need the guidebook. You can find a physical copy on Amazon , or you can purchase the digital bundle.

The Materials:
  • Every material you need is provided in this download.
  • Every card is labeled for easy sorting and storage.
  • 42  hand drawn picture cards for developing phonemic awareness. Each picture represents one of the forty-two sounds (phonemes) of English.
  • 600+ black and white picture cards are the main material for the program. The front of the card has a minimalist image and the back of the card has the word written in print and cursive.
  • 56 flip booklets accompany each set of cards so that the student can practice decoding without picture clues.
  • 56 mini decodable readers to practice what they’ve learned.
  • The printable digital files allow you to replace lost or damaged cards easily.
  • Diagnostic tests so you know where to start your students in the program. No guesswork.
  • Digital materials get free updates for life.
  • Suggested reading for the adult to learn more about the science of reading.
  • Suggestions for organizing the materials in your classroom.
  • Decodable reader book recommendations.
  • Printable PDF downloads of all the charts in the book including the scope and sequence and spelling pattern frequencies.
Some further notes:
  • The PDF files are designed to be printed double-sided.
  • I print on cardstock paper. Personally, I don’t laminate.
  • For the flip booklets, I cut up colored scrapbook paper to make the “covers.”
  • I store my materials in three of these cabinets. Totally optional (you could store your materials in A6 envelopes and a nice shoebox), but the materials were designed to work in these drawers.

This listing is only for the digital downloads, if you’re looking for a physical copy of The Rhyme and Reason Reading Program book, hop on over to Amazon.

This program is Open Source. Reach out to me through the contact form if you make Montessori materials and you want to make materials that will work with the Rhyme and Reason Reading Program.

3 reviews for The Rhyme and Reason Reading Program – Materials Only

  1. Hollis

    I am so glad I found this program it helped me and my dyslexic son so much. I hope to give something back and aid others like you aided me.

  2. Luther

    A well made program. The book is easy to understand (I bought my copy on Amazon) and the materials are easy to present.

  3. Ofelia

    We absolutely love this program! My youngest (3.5 years old) started reading thanks to this program. He loved to write the words and the flip the cards to see if he is correct (his favorite part). I will definitely continue to purchase from this shop . Thank you so much!

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