Sound-Spelling Charts


These charts work great with the Rhyme and Reason Reading Program, but should be helpful with any linguistic phonics program.


The horizontal chart is the more detailed one. It includes key images, common spellings, and general rules for when to use some of the spellings. The images match the phoneme cards in the Rhyme and Reason Reading Program.

The vertical chart is condensed and really easy to take around in class. I use this chart to show spellings when a child asks me how to spell a word (especially if I don’t have a whiteboard handy). The child segments the sounds in the word and I can point. This is one of the ways I avoid letter names.

The word booklet pages should be cut down to 4″x 6″ pages and stored in a little photo album. It features the top 300 Dolch sight words and is sorted by vowel sound.


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