Reading Program Word Lists


Unlock the joy of spelling with these word lists designed to enrich the Rhyme and Reason Reading Program. Each card spotlights a single spelling pattern, encouraging children to recognize and refine their understanding of the English spelling code. As they read through each word on the list, they’ll identify the common sound and phonogram shared across the words. As an extension, children can pair up with one child reading the list while the other spells. For a memory work, children can flip the card over and, using the Movable Alphabet, write as many words as they can remember. An ideal tool for Montessori classrooms, it cultivates independent spelling practice in a playful way.

These lists are included with the Rhyme and Reason Reading Program Digital Materials


Word lists are matched to the Rhyme and Reason Reading Program scope and sequence. These are an alternative to the “flip booklets” already included with the reading program and are more suitable for primary-age children.

  • 56 word lists
  • 11 words per list
  • Cards are 4″x6″
  • Representative photo image in the top left
  • The first word on each list has the target spelling (phonogram) highlighted in color. The remainder of the list is in black.

Photos are commercially licensed (and not AI generated!).



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