Sentence Analysis Strips

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Ninety Printable Sentence Analysis strips for Montessori Grammar. This work is intended for upper elementary students who have completed the Grammar Boxes.


The sentences become more challenging as you move through the “drawers.”

  • Sentence Analysis 1- Simple: 12 sentences “She laughed.”
  • Sentence Analysis 2- Direct Objects: 18 sentences “The mouse rescued the princess.”
  • Sentence Analysis 3- Compound: 12 sentences “Engineers and architects build homes and skyscrapers.”
  • Sentence Analysis 4- Indirect Object: 12 sentences “She gave King Arthur a sword.”
  • Sentence Analysis 5- Adjectival Modifiers: 6 sentences “The brave fireman stopped the blazing fire.”
  • Sentence Analysis 6- Appositives: 6 sentences “Edison, the inventor of the lightbulb, held 1,903 patents.”
  • Sentence Analysis 7- Subject Compliments: 6 sentences “Robert and I became good friends.”
  • Sentence Analysis 8- Adverbial modifiers: 18 sentences “That morning, their mother made the children lunch for their picnic down by the river.”

The materials PDF is 28 pages long and is designed to be printed front and back (The back has the label for easy sorting). If you weren’t intending on using these in a full classroom, you could also print and cut the strips apart directly.

Strips are 1″ x 9″ long.

Lesson plans are not included.

A 23 page answer key is provided!

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  1. Samantha

    So glad I found this. It saved me so much time.

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