Prefixes Level 2 – Word Study


This prefix word study is more than a matching game. Children learn how to ‘break’ prefixes off a word and then come up with a definition based on the parts.

A problem I saw in other word study programs was that children would match word parts to find words that “sounded right”, but they never learned what the prefixes actually meant. Due to the complex layers of English writing, this is an essential skill for students as they move to more complex text.


Printable Montessori Word Study Material for prefixes study.

  • Includes eight lists, 18 words each (144 word cards total) with the answers included.
  • The lists increase in difficulty as you continue through the cards.
  • Word strips are 1″ x 3.5″ (Which fit inside those plastic hardware-organizing drawers)
  • Answer cards are 1.5″ x 4.25″

The Rhyme and Reason word study program relies heavily on root words, prefixes and suffixes and that philosophy is reflected in this card set.

The PDF is 18 pages long and is designed to be printed front and back (The back has the label for easy sorting).


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