Two-Digit Multiplier Multiplication Command Cards


My students love these cards because they can check their own answers. 100 cards is more than you will ever practically need, but elementary students get a thrill from doing Big Work. Having a lot of work available, lets students choose a large quantity of work to satisfy their need.


One hundred multiplication command cards.

  • 100 dynamic multiplication command cards that are labelled “Two-Digit Multiplication.”
    • All problems have a two digit multiplier.
    • Multiplicands are two digit or three digit.
  • Answers provided on the back of every card
    • All answers are below 9999
  • Each card has a unique identifying number

The 20 page PDF is designed to be printed double sided, with the answer on the back. Command cards are business card size which gives you a ton of versatile storage options.

Exact card dimension: 3.5″ x 2″

Watch a lesson here.


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