Cloth Decanomial Mat


The decanomial is Big Work that takes a lot of time and focus to complete properly. The completed layout is bigger than the average work rug or table, so that means the work will happen directly on the floor- not ideal. This mat will help support the child by defining the space that they need.


This lesson emphasizes and supports the memorization of multiplication facts as well as showing a geometric relationship. You could also use this mat for area work and hundreds board extensions.

.: Overall size is 55″ × 55″. The decanomial design is 42″ x 42″. Each square is 10cm x 10cm.
.: Soft and light polyester fabric. Folds up nicely. Machine washable.

This item is made to order.

Only the cloth mat will ship to you. You will not receive any other manipulatives.

Table of Pythagoras material from Adena Montessori pictured.

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