Division Command Cards


My students love these cards because they can check their own answers. 100 cards is more than you will ever practically need, but elementary students get a thrill from doing Big Work. Having a lot of work available, lets students choose a large quantity of work to satisfy their need.


110 division command cards. These premade math problems are perfect for stamp game and golden beads.

  • 100 dynamic division command cards that are labelled “Division”
    • 10 two digit problems
    • 20 three digit problems
    • 50 four digit problems
    • 30 four digit problems with a remainder
  • Answers provided on the back of every card
    • The first 80 problems have whole number answers
    • The last 30 problems have answers with remainders
  • Each card has a unique identifying number

The 22 page PDF is designed to be printed double sided, with the answer on the back. Command cards are business card size which gives you a ton of versatile storage options.

Exact card dimension: 3.5″ x 2″


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