Fifth Great Lesson Charts

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Printable the Fifth Great Lesson. This digital download includes all of the charts you need to teach the Montessori Fifth Great Lesson.


Seven printable Montessori Fifth Great Lesson charts.

  • Math Chart M1: Counting with Stones
  • Math Chart M2: Babylonian Numerals
  • Math Chart M3: Egyptian Numerals (two versions, one with labelled hieroglyphs, and one without)
  • Math Chart M4: Greek Numerals (The original chart shows an early version of Greek numerals. I show a later version.)
  • Math Chart M5: Roman Numerals
  • Math Chart: Mayan Numerals
  • Math Chart: Inca Quipus (added December 2023)
  • You will also get a six page PDF of teacher-facing notes.

I have omitted the following charts:

  • Math Chart M6: Chinese Numerals. I swapped in Mayan numerals because I thought the numeral system was more interesting. Mayan is base-20, Chinese is base-10; Mayan writes its numbers vertically with a base-5 tally system and has a symbol for zero (possibly the first use of zero in history!), Chinese writes the symbol for the name of the number.
  • Math Chart M7: Old European Numerals. This chart and M8 don’t show different mathematical systems like all the other charts do, they only show the evolution of the symbol shape for Arabic numerals. It ends up being an evolution of handwriting styles, not in mathematical/conceptual thinking.
  • Math Chart M8: Changes in Our Numerals.

I don’t include sample numbers like the original charts do. I felt this was more appropriate to put on separate follow-up cards.

Designed to be printed on 8.5″x11″ letter pages. I find this to be a convenient size for storage and for children to work with the posters independently. The charts are meant to be printed doubled sided. The chart title is on the back along with a quick description of what makes each number system interesting.

Lessons are not included in this download, only the charts.

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    This product was good quality and my class enjoyed it.

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