Improper Fraction Addition Command Cards


Sixty fraction addition command cards with mixed number answers for your lower elementary class.

Read more about the Montessori approach to fractions on the blog.


No student would ever be expected to work through all these problems, but having a lot of prepared cards can encourage students to practice a lot and always have a control of error. I would use these after giving the lesson and then once they have mastered prepared problems, let the child make their own problems.

  • Sixty prepared problems
  • Answers are provided on the back of every card- print double sided!
  • Answers are all above 1. The improper fraction and mixed number answer are both provided.
  • Answers are not in their lowest form. i.e. 3/6 would not be simplified to 1/3
  • Cards are standard business card size 3.5″ x 2″
  • Cards are labeled “Fraction Addition 2” on the front and they have a unique number on the back.

You can mix these together with the Fraction Addition Command Cards, or keep them separate. There are no duplicate problems between those two card sets.

Works with the Cut Out Fraction Pieces: Buy on Amazon


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