Multiplication – Math Cabinet


Over 200 problems to practice multiplication.


This is just one section of the full Math Cabinet, which is available for purchase as a bundle here.

  • 2.A 〉60 Multiplication problems
    • Green, Blue, Red color coded
    • Single-digit multiplier. Mixed static and dynamic problems.Β All products below 10,000.
    • Suitable for Golden Beads, Stamp Game, and beyond.
  • 2.B 〉60 Large Multiplication problems
    • Single-digit multiplier. All products below 10,000,000.
    • Designed for single-digit multiplication on the Large Bead Frame and Checkerboard
  • 2.C 〉45 Multi-Digit Multiplication Problems for Large Bead Frame
    • Multi-digit multiplier. All products below 10,000,000.
    • Designed for multi-digit multiplication on the Large Bead Frame and Checkerboard.
  • 2.D 〉45 Multi-Digit Multiplication Problems for Checkerboard
    • Multi-digit multiplier. All products below 1,000,000,000.
    • Designed for multi-digit multiplication on the Checkerboard.

Additional Product Details

  • Cards are 3″ x 1.45″
  • Designed to fit into this 64-drawer hardware cabinet:
  • Pages are designed to be printed double sided, short-edge binding, on letter sized paper.
  • Laminating is always optional, but it’s a good idea in this case.
  • Cutting all of these out by hand will not be fun. Get a paper guillotine. I like this one:
  • No physical products will be sent to you.
  • Free updates for life. Please let me know if you discover any errors (See the tab above) and I will fix them in a timely manner.

If you want to be fancy, you can print on colored paper. I do this just to add interest and make the materials more attractive. I used this paper:

  • Addition is red/pink
  • Subtraction is green
  • Multiplication is yellow
  • Division is blue

Note: This cabinet replaces all previous math command cards sold in my shop. See how these cards fit into the scope and sequence here.

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