Great Lesson Timelines – Budget Option


The Montessori Timeline is a budget-friendly polyester fabric tapestry that combines three essential full-size timelines in one convenient product – the Timeline of Life, the Blank Timeline of Life, and the Timeline of Humans. Printed with clear, high-quality graphics on a large, polyester tapestry, this affordable option provides incredible value.


The timelines arrive printed together, allowing buyers to cut them apart and hem the edges as desired. Additionally, a digital download of all the blank timeline decals is included, enabling teachers and homeschoolers to place them on the Blank Timeline of Life. You’ll print these out at home.

The timelines are designed to fold compactly for effortless storage when not in use. This space-saving feature makes the Montessori Timeline an excellent choice for any classroom or homeschool environment with limited space.

By offering full-size timelines at a budget-friendly price point, the Montessori Timeline empowers educators and homeschoolers to bring authentic Montessori timeline work to their elementary students without compromise.

.: 100% Polyester. It feels like a bedsheet.
.: Total size is 68”x80”
.: Each timeline is 18″ x 72″. There are a few inches around each timeline for you to hem.

Please see the main listings for the other timelines for specific product specifications.

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