Botany Experiments


Montessori Botany Command Cards for the biology chapters of work. The cards are organized by botany chapter, so when you are working on leaf lessons, you can easily pull out the leaf experiments! The experiments are based on Dr. Montessori’s original botany experiments, but have been updated or removed where needed. I have added some wholly new experiments as well that will fit seamlessly into your established botany curriculum. Names of the traditional experiments have been rephrased from their original titles into hypothesis questions.

I wrote a blog post for tips on setting up your science experiment shelves here.


22 Total experiments including:
Plant Experiments
1. The Fundamental Needs of the Plant
2. Is Water Necessary? – Water is Necessary
3. What Direction Does A Plant Grow? – Plants Grow Toward the Light
4. Do Plants Need Minerals? – Plants Need Minerals
5. What Temperature Do Plants Prefer? – The Action of Heat on Plants
1. What is the function of the Stem? – Function of the Stem: To Carry
1. Where Does the Water Go? – Formation of Water Vapor
2. Do Plants Give Off Gas? – Stomata
3. Do Plants Create Oxygen? – Plants Exhale Oxygen
4. Where are the Stomata? – The Four Leaves Experiment
5. Is Sunlight Necessary? – Starch is colored blue
6. Is Carbon Dioxide Necessary? – Carbon Dioxide is Plant Food
7. Why Do Leaves Change Color? – Chlorophyll in Leaves
1. How Do Plants Grow from Seeds? – Seed Germination
2. Different Kinds of Seeds – Monocotyledon and dicotyledon plants
3. Do Seeds Need Light? – Endosperm
1. Do Roots Grow Towards Water? – Hydrotropism
2. Do Roots Grow Around Obstacles? – Geotropism
3. What Direction do Roots Grow? – Roots Always Grow Downward
4. What Are Root Hairs?
5. Can you Grow a Plant From a Twig? – The Formation of Roots
6. Can You Grow A Plant Without Seeds? – Plants grow from roots and leaves
The back side of each experiment includes clean up instructions, relevant nomenclature, and the statement of conclusions.
Designed to be printed double sided on 8.5″x11″ pages.
Experiment card final size is 5″ x 7″
Your download files include:
– One 22 page PDF with all of the science experiments- this is designed to be printed double sided
– One teacher-facing document that lists all of the materials required for all the experiments- this ought to make class prep much easier!


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