Imaginary Leaves Activity


A fun combination of science and art! This material was made as a follow-up work to the Leaf Classification charts.


I built this material using my Montessori training albums, Priscilla Spear’s Botany Album, and A Manual for Leaf Architecture. I think Priscilla’s album is better than my training album, but it is targeted towards Upper Elementary students. My hope was to make some intermediate materials that Lower Elementary students could use that would prepare them for advanced botany work.

18 cards total with the following parts:

  • Leaf Attachment
  • Leaf Composition
  • Leaf Shape
  • Leaf Margin
  • Apex
  • Base
  • Venation

Control Cards are 2.5″x3″ (baseball cards).

Pages are designed to be printed double sided. The cut lines are on the back so the front stays crisp and clean. The back of these cards are labeled.


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