Mute Timeline of Life – Montessori Second Great Lesson


This Timeline of Life has been completely redesigned to match with our current understanding of  evolution. The red lines represent a simplified phylogenic layout, that is accessible to lower elementary children and exciting for upper elementary children. For a full description of the changes, read the blog post!

The timeline covers the Precambrian to modern day and features 78 hand drawn creatures, all five mass extinctions, early mammal lineage and much more that is absent from Maria Montessori’s original timeline.

This listing is for the mute timeline of life only. See the control timeline here.


In the Second Great Lesson, the Coming of Life, the story of how life began and evolved is introduced to children. The lesson is accompanied by the Timeline of Life which is then available to the children as a reference material for reflection, research and hands on work. I have spent months remaking this iconic chart to be as complete and up to date as possible, I hope it serves you and your children well.

  • Final timeline measures 18″ tall x 72″ long
  • 95 hand drawn decals
  • 59 word labels
  • 154 Decals/ Cutouts that can be printed at home on 11 sheets of letter sized paper.
  • 11 high-resolution PNG files included.
  • 11 Silhouette cut-files included (sorry, no cricut files!)
    • If you don’t have silhouette cutting machine you can of course still cut everything out by hand.
    • Bonus idea: Print all of the decals out on sticker paper, and then you have stickers of all the creatures!
  • Print at Home: One PDF file that you can print at home on letter sized paper and tape together. This option requires 18 sheets of paper. (This can also be great for students to have their own copy of the timeline!)
  • Print Professionally: One hi-res PNG file that you can send to a professional printer. I’ve tried both of the following options:

Lesson plans are not included, but check the blog for some more information about the Second Great Lesson and the Timeline of Life.
This is a digital download- You will have your download in minutes, but you will not receive any physical products


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