Vinyl Printed Timeline of Life – Mute Chart


This Montessori Timeline of Life is a great way to introduce your child to the history of life on Earth. Featuring handpainted illustrations of key events and creatures, this timeline will help your child understand the history of our planet in an engaging and educational way. The timeline is printed on high quality vinyl, making it durable and longlasting. The timeline includes a range of different species and events, so your child can explore the history of life on Earth from the earliest singlecelled creatures to the modern world. 

This listing is for the physical mute chart, printed on high quality vinyl. With this listing, you will automatically get the printable files to print and cut the creature decals yourself.


Only the mute chart will ship to you. You will not get physical creature decals. Instead, you will get the digital files so that you can print and cut the decals out yourself.

In the Second Great Lesson, the Coming of Life, the story of how life began and evolved is introduced to children. The lesson is accompanied by the Timeline of Life which is then available to the children as a reference material for reflection, research and hands on work. I have spent months remaking this iconic chart to be as complete and up to date as possible, I hope it serves you and your children well.

  • Material: 15oz blockout scrim vinyl. Waterproof and easily cleaned.
  • Includes brass grommets every 2 feet
  • Final timeline measures 18″ tall x 72″ long

Check the blog for some more information about the Second Great Lesson and the Timeline of Life.

This item is made to order.

Optional: How to remove the grommets from the Timeline of Life

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