Botany Charts


Introducing our reimagined Montessori Botany Impressionistic Charts for elementary-aged students. These hand-drawn charts preserve the wonder and spirit of the original Montessori materials while incorporating modern scientific understanding.


Heavily updated, but as always I try to keep the same spirit as the original charts.

You will get the following 15 hand drawn charts
  1. Chart A: The Needs of the Plant
  2. Chart A1: Plants Need Minerals
  3. Chart A2: Fungi and Plants Help Each Other
  4. Chart B: The Food Factory
  5. Chart C: The Sun Worshippers
  6. Chart D: The Sun Drinks
  7. Chart E: Roots Grow Towards Water
  8. Chart F: Roots Grow Around Obstacles
  9. Chart F1: Two Root Types
  10. Chart K: Roots Hold
  11. Chart L: Roots Transport Water
  12. Chart L1: Roots Store Sugar
  13. Chart O: Flower Ovary Positions
  14. Chart P: Go Forth My Child!
  15. Chart Q: Seed Dispersal Methods
Notable Changes:
  • I have omitted all three charts (Charts G, H, I) related to drip lines. The leaves and the roots don’t really work together that way, roots will grow much further than the drip line.
  • I have added charts related to fungus! The mutualistic relationship between mycorrhizal fungi and plants is one of the most important and widespread relationships on planet earth!
  • I omitted the tent spikes chart (Chart J). It seemed totally redundant from the “Roots Hold” chart and my students had a hard time understanding what tent spikes were anyway.
  • I omitted drawings of climbing stems (Charts M and N). Real photos are better in this case.

Charts are meant to be printed on 8.5″ x 11″ (letter sized) paper. Print doubled sided with short-edge binding. The chart label is on the back of each chart.

Pair this work with the Botany Experiments!


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