First Great Lesson – Timeline Notebook


Designed to complement the awe-inspiring First Great Lesson, this digital resource provides a set of clearly labeled timeline entries that students can print and add to their notebooks. As they place each event in sequence, children will absorb key concepts about the birth of our universe, the formation of galaxies, the origins of our solar system, and the emergence of life on Earth.

Perfect for both classroom and homeschool settings, the “First Great Lesson Timeline Events” fosters a deeper comprehension of natural history while supporting Montessori principles of self-directed learning. Help your student experience the magic of the First Great Lesson in a vivid, hands-on way with this engaging educational tool.


Enrich your student’s understanding of the fascinating origins of the universe with the “First Great Lesson Timeline Events” digital download. This engaging Montessori history material allows students to build their own visual timeline chronicling the momentous events from the Big Bang through the formation of the Earth.

Events featured in this download and suggestions for teaching in class:

    1. Universe Begins – First Great Lesson
    2. Atoms Form – First Great Lesson
    3. First Stars are Born – First Great Lesson, While studying star lifecycles
    4. First Stars Die – First Great Lesson, While studying star lifecycles
    5. Milky Way Galaxy Forms – First Great Lesson
    6. Our Sun Forms – First Great Lesson
    7. Earth is Formed – First Great Lesson
    8. Origin of the Moon – First Great Lesson
    9. Oceans Formed – First Great Lesson
    10. Late Heavy Bombardment – Continental Drift by Martin Ince
    11. Snowball Earth – Continental Drift by Martin Ince
    12. Invention of the Astrolabe – While studying Ancient Greece
    13. Ptolemy’s Star Catalogue is published – While studying Ancient Greece
    14. Supernova 1006 – While studying star lifecycles
    15. Dmitri Mendeleev – While studying chemistry
      • Read the BHP biography here.
    16. Marie Curie – Read: Marie Curie’s Search for Radium by Beverly Birch
    17. Henrietta Swan Leavitt – Read the BHP biography here.
    18. Edwin Hubble – Read the BHP biography here.
    19. Albert Einstein – Read: On a Beam of Light by Jennifer Berne
    20. The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh – Art Appreciation or Art History

Note: Important persons from The Scientific Revolution are intentionally left out. They are taught separately

  • Images are 2″ x 2″
  • Dates are in BCE/CE format

Images are both from public domain and hand drawn by Emily Counts.


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