DIY Tellurium – Sun and Earth Model


Turn any globe into a tellurium model. Use this model with all of your Sun and Earth lessons.


In addition to this printable, you will need:

Construction Instructions:

  1. Print. Cut out the shapes. Laminate. Cut out the laminated shapes.
  2. Poke a hole through the months circle and the Sun arrow.
  3. Attach the Sun arrow to the bottom of the months circle with the brad.
  4. See the pictures above for proper placement before taping.
    1. Align the northern hemisphere summer position with the summer solstice on the months circle.
    2. Summer solstice is at the end of June. Where the wheel turns from green to yellow.
    3. Tape the months circle to the base of your globe.
  5. Tape the “North Star” in your room wherever north actually points. While your earth orbits, ensure the North Pole is always oriented north.



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