First Great Lesson Charts

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Printable the First Great Lesson. This digital download includes all of the charts you need to teach the Montessori First Great Lesson.

On the blog, there is a complete script for teaching the First Great Lesson– check it out!


Five printable Montessori First Great Lesson charts.

  • Geography Chart 1A: Relative Proportion of the Sun and the Earth
    • Our sun is over a million times bigger than the Earth.
  • Geography Chart 3A: The Cosmic Dance
    • The original chart has angels that carry ‘hot’ and ‘coldness’ from the surface of Earth to the heavens.
  • Geography Chart 4A: The Time of the Volcanoes
    • Here we have my interpretation of “The Time of the Volcanoes”, scientifically known as the Hadean Era (named after Hades, god of the underworld!). Earth had just coalesced from a cloud of rocky dust into a sphere, heating up from the gravitational forces into liquid rock and cooling its outer crust. The inner core, still liquid and violent, would burst through this wafer surface as lava. The steam and ash was intense, blotting out our young star, the sun, and causing lightning storms too. The early solar system was still a mess, so meteors were common and sometimes violent- the most violent collision being the one that created the moon! Smaller meteors brought water.
  • Geography Chart 5A: Oceans Form
    • Over thousands of years, earth cooled enough for the water vapor to cool, creating our oceans.
  • Unofficial Chart: The Solar System Forms
    • This chart is part of the story I tell, but not a part of the original story. Check out the First Great Lesson blog post to see how I use it.

Designed to be printed on 8.5″x11″ letter pages. I find this to be a convenient size for storage and for children to work with the posters independently.
Original First Great Lesson Charts made by Emily Counts, based on Dr. Maria Montessori’s original drawings. I have maintained the legacy naming conventions, which align with AMI and Prepared Montessorian training.

A copy of the blog post script is included.

Find Chart 2A, The Sun’s Family, in the Sun and Earth Chart set.

6 reviews for First Great Lesson Charts

  1. Philicia Mollere

    These are perfect. Simplicity! Absolutely gorgeous with vibrant colors- They look like watercolors, but brighter. They are soothing, if that makes sense. I was a bit apprehensive to get new charts, but not any more. The ones we use now are dated, and times have changed- these catch the children’s eyes, and definitely make an impression. Maria Montessori would be proud. I’m going to get the Geography Charts next. I’m sure many Montessorians need to upgrade as well. I want everything- it’s all so beautiful! Thank you! I will refer everyone I know!

  2. Lola

    These charts totally met my criteria. I love that they are realistic (not cartoonish) and yet artistic at the same time. I would have loved it even more if the set included a chart of the Sun’s Family (Our Solar System). I ended up using a different picture for that. Even so, I highly recommend these charts to other homeschoolers.

  3. Katherine

    These beautiful illustrations helped so much when retelling the first great lesson this year! Honestly, I know myself well enough to know that I’m not going to make the time to paint these impressionistic charts. I’m flying by the seat of my pants as it is. I wish these had a picture of the Sun’s Family, but I was able to just print off a picture of the solar system and it worked fine. All in all, these made the First Great Lesson go so well this year!

  4. Erika Siegler

    These are absolutely beautiful charts! I know they definitely made an impression on my daughter – she pulled them out to study them multiple times after we finished the First Great Lesson.

  5. Christina

    Beautiful illustrations, helped with my lesson.

  6. Heidi

    Such beautiful pictures! Love them.

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