Planet Research Cards

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Start simple, then go deep! This card set caters to both lower and upper elementary students, offering basic information on the front and expanding into more complex topics on the back.


Who doesn’t love studying the solar system?

The front of the cards has basic information that is more suitable for lower elementary and the back of the cards have more technical information that is better for upper elementary.

  • A semi-scale drawing of the planet. These are the same images from the Solar System chart.
  • The name of the planet
  • A nickname
  • Position from the sun
  • Etymology of the planet’s name
  • A fun fact

The back of the card has more detailed numerical data on the planets including:

  • Average distance from the sun in AU and km
  • Diameter in km and miles
  • Solar revolution (year length)in Earth years
  • Rotational period (day length) in Earth days or hours
  • Number of moons with “major moons” and total moons. I did this because the total number changes a lot as we discover ever smaller orbiting bodies, but the “major moons” tally doesn’t.
  • The astronomical symbol. Astronomers still use these when they are notating calculations (I used them in college) and they’re fun!

Print double sided on letter size paper. Cut to 3″x5″ final size (index card).

Solar system model from Adena Montessori:

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  1. Laura

    Hi Emily,
    I like the 3D solar system board…did you make it or purchased it? What is the name of the company? Thank you! Laura

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