Physical Science Experiments


These presentations form the basis of children’s understanding of physical sciences and the beginning of their study of chemistry. The lessons involve observation of the behavior of particles when they come into contact with each other. To give scaffolding to this understanding, tie back to the First Great Lesson whenever possible.

I wrote a blog post for tips on setting up your science experiment shelves here.


10 chemistry experiments including:
  1. Solutions
  2. Suspensions
  3. Mixtures
  4. Chemical reactions 1 (Color change)
  5. Chemical reactions 2 (Gas produced)
  6. Chemical reaction 3 (Precipitation)
  7. Separating a suspension
  8. Separating a solution
  9. Saturation
  10. Supersaturation and crystallization
 The back side of each experiment includes clean up instructions, relevant nomenclature, and the statement of conclusions.
Designed to be printed double sided on 8.5″x11″ pages.
Experiment card final size is 5″ x 7″
Your download files include:
– One 12 page PDF with all of the science experiments- this is designed to be printed double sided
– One teacher-facing document that lists all of the materials required for all the experiments- this ought to make class prep much easier!


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