Sun and Earth – Scrambled Sentences


This is an excellent writing follow-up work for beginning writers.


I use The Writing Revolution writing curriculum in my classroom.

I created one card for each lesson in my Sun and Earth Album using sentences directly taken from my training. There are 3-4 scrambled sentences per lesson.

  • Relative Proportion of the Sun and the Earth
  • Two Kinds of Motion
  • Warming and Cooling
  • Day and Night
  • Hottest and Coldest Times
  • AM and PM
  • Imaginary Lines on Earth
  • Time Zones
  • Perpendicular and Oblique Rays
  • The Seasons
  • The Midnight Sun
  • Solstices and Equinoxes
  • More Imaginary Lines
  • Zones of the Earth
  • Planets of the Solar System

The back of the card has a label for sorting

Print double sided on letter size paper. Cut to 3″x5″ final size (index card).


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